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Photo 1: A tall man with short, dark brown, roman-cut hair, piercing eyes of indeterminate color, and high cheekbones in an oval, masculine face with pouty lips is walking towards the viewer. He wears a tilted gold crown with two red stones visible on front. He has a brown, thigh-length fur coat with a black fur collar, a dark brown scarf, and leopard-patterned gloves. His long black pants partially cover the top of his silver-studded black boots.

Photo 2: A golden-tanned man with black pants hanging hip level and a muscular, shirtless back is facing away from the viewer with a black background. He has short, straight, ginger hair with brown and gold highlights. His left hand grasps a long silver sword at the hilt near the left side of his head, across his broad shoulders, and cut off from the picture to his right with his right arm hanging down.

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Dear Author,

As Crown Prince to the human nation, I could have anyone I choose but to end the war between the humans and the griffons, I must marry the youngest son of the Griffon King. The night before I’m to be married, I meet a man who captures my attention at first glance but before I can talk to him, he disappears. How am I supposed to marry someone I’ve never met when I’ve finally found someone who’s captured my interest? But I suppose it’s for the best because no matter what, I’m determined to end this war… I just hope my betrothed is someone I can grow fond of…



P.S. I want this to be similar to a classic fairy tale (without the evil woman trope) in a historical fantasy setting with shapeshifters that turn into griffons and where arranged marriage of same-sex couples is the norm. Sweet but no sex, although sexual tension is allowed. That means kisses are okay but no frottage, BJs, hand-jobs, etc. No cheating, sharing, ménage or open relationships and please don’t make the Crown Prince a slut! I would like him to be standoffish and uninterested in every man but his love interest. HEA is a must. Thank you for putting up with my demands!! ^_^

 fantasy, paranormal, science fiction
Tags: royalty, sweet/no sex, shifters non-wolf/cat, interspecies, magic, arranged marriage, mates/bonded
Word Count: 16,299

I would like to dedicate this story as a thank you to everyone who works tirelessly on these annual events: The M/M Romance group mods, editors, and proofreaders. Without them, my story wouldn’t exist. A special dedication goes to Kathleen Hayes, my M/M Romance editor for this story. Thank you for putting up with me… and my Word issues. ☺

A big thank you to Nikyta for the wonderful prompt. Finally to my beta readers: thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me along this journey. You know who you are. ☺

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