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WRECKING BALL - Austen - P5 - Jutoh

Two men lay entwined on a bed in a hotel room, newspapers tossed aside as they nuzzle and hold each other. Both men have dark hair, and one could be Native American. They are bare-chested and covered by blankets from the waist down.

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Dear Author,

We’ve been holed up in this room for days, avoiding the real world. Three days of sex, tears, and laughter; fueled by longing and the hollow need I’ve felt since he’d walked away the first time. I never thought he’d actually come back to me, choose me over everything else he had waiting for him. Now as I absorb the feel of his heat and weight behind me, I think of the few headlines I’d managed to read before he tossed the papers on the bed and made me forget all about what was waiting for us outside of this hotel room. My breath hitches and I squeeze my eyelids shut, wishing I could go back to sleep. But I know reality will come knocking soon. Was he serious when he said he was choosing me? Choosing us? A shiver of doubt races up my spine. I feel his arms suddenly tighten and his warm body stretches behind me. Time to face the real world…

Wish List: HEA/HFN, I do love some angst, drama!



Tags: Utah, Mormon, farmer, lawyer, in the closet, same-sex marriage, teen shelter
Word Count: 21,491

Thank you to the fantastic beta reader Alison and editor Alishea. My story was greatly improved by the gentle, knowledgeable ministrations of these ladies. My thanks to the rest of the DRitC event staff. You are thoroughly professional. And lastly, thanks to Eliza for a prompt that was so easy to meld into a story I wanted to tell.

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