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Dancing for Diamond-Klein - Jutoh

A Spanish or Latino man with wavy hair to his shoulders. He’s wearing eyeliner, has well-shaped eyebrows and is bare-chested with his arms crossed, His head is cocked to the side and he has a serious but sensual look on his face.

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Dear Author,

I’m still dancing to the beat of the cumbia while returning to the dressing room. It has been a great night, the rest of the dancers are out taking advantage of the momentum that I always leave in the stage― and making extra bucks out of it. My business partner follows me with that smile I know could lead to trouble, as I kick my high heels, he tells me all about the offers we have for private lap dances. We, is too many people, I remark, because I’m the one they’re requesting. Night after night it’s the same thing; some patrons are willing to pay for getting close to me. Being older than me, my friend manages part of the club and we let most people think, he owns it too. But I call the shots and run the business. While my performances are the main attraction, I don’t do striptease or lap dancing. Tonight’s offer is extraordinary, my associate reminds me of the pending bills. Yes, the offered amount is that high. I don’t remove the makeup just in case I decide to accept. Who is paying that much? Somehow, I know before I got the answer. My enigmatic devotee is behind the tempting offer. I’ve been waiting for months for this person to show more of himself, but he simply seats on his table at a side of the stage, alone in the semidarkness, and he seldom smiles or applauds. But when he does, he inspires me to perform wilder nearly driving me nut. And when I dance near him, he undresses me with a single look. Now, I’m excited, intrigued and scared. Who is this mystery man?


Naaju Rorrete

Tags: performance arts, sweet, non-explicit, slow burn, personal growth, overcoming the past, disabilities
Word Count: 16,816

Dedicated to Naaju for being patient and understanding when the prompt took a little different turn. And to Karrie for her awesome work on the cover, as well as having so much love for this story and Max that she had one of the lines tattooed on her arm. <3

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