Epimeliad by Adara O’Hare ♥

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Epimeliad O'Hare

Two young men with brown hair of roughly the same age stare each other in the eyes intently. The slimmer, sweet-looking guy on the left holds the other gently around his ribs. The stockier, protective-looking guy on the right has both hands wrapped around the first’s head and neck so his thumbs stroke the other’s cheeks in a caress. Something important passes between them in that look.

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Dear Author,

We met at the academy, aware of the other by name and reputation but never crossing paths until now. In a place for the best of the best, those talented beyond the norm, I daresay we would stand out if only they knew… We immediately sensed a connection, a pull as if a cable stretched taut between us, made stronger by proximity. At first it was fleeting, a shivering sensation that grew over time until our very thoughts and desires were made known to each other. How is this possible? Is it our nightmare or our blessing?

Please help us find our way…

Alt Uni/UST/HEA or HFN (no insta-love, no GFY please)



 alternate universe, paranormal
Tags: Greek mythology-based, mythical creatures (warrior nymphs), magic users (elemental powers), bonded, masturbation, age gap
Word count: 23,523

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