Falling Away by Lisa Henry ♥

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Falling Away - Lisa Henry

A young guy lies cuffed to a table. Exposed, debauched… and completely vulnerable.

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Dear Author,

Completely debauched, wrecked— he’s floating now, but tomorrow the shame will come. Tomorrow he’ll be disgusted all over again at what he’s done. What he’s allowed to be done to him. More than that… what he’s begged for.

And the worst part? He’s so stupid in love with the man he just keeps coming back for more. Because of this moment. This one, right here, when he can believe that he’s loved in return, even if it is only for the night.

See, it’s not the acts they engage in that shame him. It’s not the bondage or the submission or the mind-blowing sex— he finds his strength there. It’s his weakness for the man himself that’s destroying him. Because tomorrow he’ll be gone again.

He can’t go on like this. He tells himself that every time, swears this time will be the last. He needs for there to be a tomorrow, and a next day, and a next day— for them, together. Not just another tomorrow of loss and heartache and picking up the pieces.

But he can’t tell him that… can he?



Tags: BDSM, teaching, political diplomat, established couples
Word count: 6,908

To Kim, for the fantastic prompt, and for J.A. and Kaje for being awesome beta readers!

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