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Learning to Dance Gigsby

A dark-haired young man stands in the center of a summer street scene. He wears a studded black leather harness and collar, fingerless black gloves, and black chaps that lace down the sides, and holds a green shopping bag. His hair has been gelled into spikes, and the fringe in the back is dyed a streaky blond. Hanging from the back of the harness is a red leather bear wearing a small black leather harness.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I found him over on CupOPorn.net last October, and I’ve been wondering about him ever since. I get the feeling that our ‘bold and brazen’ here is actually a front for someone who’s a little lost, a little alone, and needs someone to trust. Can you give him a top to protect him? I think he needs one. Also, that bear is incredibly important to him-I don’t know why, but I do know he loves it.

Please no cheating or girly bits.



Tags: performance arts, dance school, first time, age gap, spanking, oral, professor/student, hurt/comfort, edging, light BDSM
Word count: 4,345

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