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Before You Go by Vicktor Alexander ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A video of two, slim, toned Korean men, one with tattoos on his side. One is singing to the other and grips the back of his head and tugs on his hair as his handcuffs swing, one connected to his wrist, the other not connected to anything. The second man looks at the first man, slightly bent over,… Read more »

B-Sides by Cheryl Nitely ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A bare-chested cowboy stands in a stark, fenced pasture. The image is black and white― emphasizing the long shadows of the trees and the solitary figure of one man, alone. He is wearing faded, worn jeans and a black cowboy hat, which obscures his down-turned face. His chest is broad and deeply muscled; he carries a western saddle… Read more »

Learning to Dance by Annette Gisby ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A dark-haired young man stands in the center of a summer street scene. He wears a studded black leather harness and collar, fingerless black gloves, and black chaps that lace down the sides, and holds a green shopping bag. His hair has been gelled into spikes, and the fringe in the back is dyed a streaky blond. Hanging… Read more »

Taken by Kim Dare ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Three elves crowd around a captured human. The human is bound and gagged; chains attached to his collar restrain him to the floor, and his hands are cuffed behind his back. The elves are all clothed but the human’s clothing has been torn away, rendering him naked and vulnerable. Each elf is tall, slender, and elegant, with long… Read more »