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Friends or Lovers? York

Two men are in bed with an empty champagne bottle and two glasses.

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Dear Author,

It was supposed to be my dream honeymoon with my partner of five years. Yeah, I knew that he was reluctant to make our partnership legal but I thought that he would eventually be as happy to be my husband as I was going to be his. Nick tried to warn me, though I didn’t listen. It’s funny how my best friend Nick seems to be right about a lot of things lately… like how I should go on the honeymoon that I spent forever planning even though Mark and I aren’t together anymore. Taking Nick with me so that the extra ticket wouldn’t go to waste was another great idea. Just wish I knew how we ended up in bed like this…



Tags: friends to lovers, vacation, tropics, HFN, jilted, left at the altar
Word count: 5,893

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