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Head Over Heels - Sunne Manello

Although it’s in color, the photograph has an old-fashioned feel. Two short-haired men recline together, visible from the waist up. Both wear collared shirts with no ties, and their sleeves are rolled up. The young man in the foreground wears suspenders, his eyes are half shut and he has a peaceful expression. The slightly older man cradling him wears a waistcoat. He looks with nearly closed eyes and a loving expression at the man in his arms.

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Dear Author,

I have tried to come up with a specific prompt for this photo but nothing is coming to me. This photo could be telling so many different stories:

Perhaps the man in the suspenders is relaxing in the arms of his lover/husband after a particularly long, hard day at work…

Perhaps the two men are finally together for good after dealing with many obstacles that kept them apart…

Perhaps they have just made it to their hotel room and are finally able to relax after their very long and tiring (but very happy) wedding day…

Perhaps because of distance or circumstances, they are only able to get together sporadically–a weekend every few months, etc. …

Perhaps they are lovers, partners… but the man in the back is also a Dom and the man in suspenders is his sub and needs some “attention” from his Dom…

I am completely open to whatever story this photo inspires in the author, all I want is serious, emotional, romantic. Don’t care if it’s angsty or kinky as long as the emotion is there.


C.J. Anthony

Tags: brother in law, widower, first time, family, full life, loss, men with children, age gap
Word count: 13,649

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