Genie in a Beanie by Indra Vaughn ♥

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Genie in a Beanie

A black-haired man with darkly stubbled cheeks is sitting down, holding a baby up to a man standing close and leaning slightly forward. This man is blond and wears a knitted beanie. The baby tugs on the blond man’s beard.

See the photo here

Dear Author,

The catalyst to bring these two men together is twofold: the baby in the picture and the hat the one man is wearing. The baby isn’t either of theirs (but it can be anyone else’s you want it to be― no single lovelorn dads please). And one of the men is a knitter who became well known for his blog and designs.

How did they end up starting a campaign to knit for charity? And, show us how they connected along the way.

I say no single lovelorn dads please because I’m tired of overly sweet stories where a gay dad is all alone, caring for a baby and falls in love. But I do like men who are proud knitters. I’d like something different, and that means not overly sweet. A balance between sweet and dirty is fine with me 🙂

There are no sexual limits or relationship limits on this couple, whatever else you’d like to add, or whatever direction you’d like to take this couple in is fine with me.



Genre: contemporary, paranormal
Tags: teaching, enemies to lovers, magic users, humorous
Word count: 15,907

A great big thank you to Silly Goose, who as always did a brilliant job wrangling my commas and holding my hand. I literally couldn’t wish for a better writing companion.

Big round of applause to the organizers of this event too. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work that must go into this. Thank you for giving me the chance to take part.

Cole, thank you for the letter. It turned out a little sweeter than I meant it to, but I hope you still enjoy it regardless. And finally, I don’t know if I should be proud of or apologize for that title…

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