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A man with short dark hair has his back to the viewer. He wears a dark blue suit jacket with the sleeves pushed up, and a beaded bracelet of some kind on his left wrist. He is being embraced— or held up— by a man wearing a tan trench coat over a suit and tie… and with white wings extending from his back. They stare into each other’s eyes with a look of wonder.

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Dear Author,

I’ve had a tough life. So tough, in fact, that I’ve stopped believing that anybody is watching out for me. Until one day I avoid an accident and catch a glimpse of a handsome man with wings. Could it be that I actually have a guardian angel? Why do I keep thinking about this man? I can’t get him out of my head. Who was he, and who is he now? Is loving your own guardian angel an act against God, or is it destiny?



P.S. A fair deal of angst would be cool, but a H.E.A. preferred.

fantasy, paranormal
Tags: dark, angels, drug use, self-mutilation, alcoholism
Content warnings: main character suicide and rebirth, secondary character deaths
Word count: 11,077

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