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Hard and Fast - Jack Greene

PHOTO 1: The inside of a man’s thighs bracket the view of a short-haired man with a perfectly sculpted body standing knee-deep in a tub. Strategically placed bubbles hide his groin and decorate his thighs. He holds a gun in a two-handed grip, pointing it straight at the viewer.

PHOTO 2: A naked man faces away from the viewer, silhouetted against a black background, displaying a muscled back, perfect ass and powerful thighs. His right arm is encased in a reinforced elbow-length leather glove, he wears a fingerless leather glove on his left. He holds a large assault rifle across his shoulders and wears goggles of some kind as well. A belt crosses his waist in the back, supporting a thigh holster with a handgun.

See the photo here (NSFW)


What the fuck are you doing in here!? You have ten seconds before I shoot your goddamn balls to Kingdom come.”

“Awww, come on now, love. Do you really want to do that?”

“You bet your mangy ass I do. This is a private bath. How the hell did you get in here?”

“Bitter much? You know me; I like to get into a lot of things. Don’t you remember the first time we met?

I’ll never forget that incredible night after that Tango class.”


“Oh yeah, you let me do that too. Your ass was so red with my hand prints and you begging for more over at the club. I.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e and sweeeet.”


Dear Author,

See this guy? Yeah, that fucker. [PHOTO 2]

He’s the cause of my injury and why I was taken off duty, indefinitely. I’m just now getting all of my memory back. I first laid eyes on him at the dance hall. I had been taking tango lessons for a few months when he sauntered into the hall and turned every head in the joint. So suave, and not one damn hair out of place. His suit fit him like he was poured into it. I mean, look at him! I got hard just looking at him. He knew all the moves and danced with a couple of the ladies who jockeyed for position to be next in line. I wanted to be in that line. Shit! He’s looking right at me with a smirk on his face. Well god damn. -By the end of the class we were holed up in the Men’s room up against the tiles. Hot as fuck it was, and I wanted ALL of it. 

He invited me over to RockUHard, the new BDSM club that recently opened. Jesus, I couldn’t pass that up. I really needed to get my kink on after an up-close-and-personal look at those bathroom tiles. Think he meets all the requirements? He’s the epitome of a Top, dammit. What, I don’t look like a bottom to you? Good, let’s keep it that way. We played and fucked into the wee hours of the morning at the club. We both need to get to work the next day. I was needed at the Agency for the next assignment, and he was starting a new job. A one-off, that was cool with the both of us. 

As Fate would have it (that Bitch), that first encounter was to lead to many more. Who the fuck knew that his ‘new job’ was the same place where I WORKED? Why in Hell did the Boss put us on the same assignment? And how did that twink worm his ass into the equation? How and why did I screw up that last mission to be off the grid indefinitely? And why the fuck am I still jonesin’ on this fucker? God help me.

ETA See that martini there? Can you just hear Frank Sinatra crooning in the background with Just The Way You Look Tonight, Summer Wind, Fly Me To The Moon? He’s really jonesin’ on that Fucker.



Tags: action/suspense/adventure, spies/secret agents, BDSM, assassins, first person
Word count: 7,621

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