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An agile young slave is bent backward over the knees of his doting master; his bindings are loose and their arrangement is “in the cards”.

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Dear Author,

This is a dystopian class-based society where being a slave boy is a prized position. For those not born into the wealthy class, there are few options for work. A position as a slave boy means security and safety from a life of poverty and the danger of the streets.

Dystopian – set in a world similar to ours but with a few tweaks. Usually a bit darker or a more frightening version of what our society could become

Thank you,
Bree Cheese (who loves dystopian novels and wishes there were more out there!)

Tags: master/slave, one-time threesome, cross-dressing, bondage/discipline, BDSM, acrobat, contortionist
Word count: 47,228

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