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High Five Dive-Fridge Jutoh

Shirtless man standing in front of a classic car holding a wrench and work gloves. He’s both sweaty and grimy with a towel on his shoulder and a tool belt at his waist.

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Dear Author,

See him? That’s Evan. He runs the auto repair shop down the street. He’s also my brother’s best friend and my arch-nemesis. He’s so smug and full of himself. Just because he’s got a great smile and the body of a Greek god doesn’t mean he’s all that. We’ve been feuding for as long as I’ve known him. We can’t get closer than five feet before going toe to toe, trading insults and snarking at each other. Oh, he infuriates me! I hate him… don’t I?

You may have free reign over this story just as long as there is an HEA. Feel free to go all out. Turn it into a paranormal/shifter/sci-fi/cowboy/BDSM/whatever story if you want. I like everything. I especially love humor in my stories. 


Jenni Lea

Tags: mechanic, scientist, light BDSM, bullying, enemies to lovers, interracial
Word Count: 10,464

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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