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Human Choices-McKenna - Jutoh

A young man with striking blue eyes, long hair, and a beard stares at the camera. He wears a breastplate over a simple tunic.

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Dear Author,

I’m in trouble and desperately need your help. It began to couple of weeks ago when I heard a fight outside my workshop. When I looked out I saw this man and a couple of others had been backed into a corner by a group of nasty-looking thugs. They were outnumbered, so I rushed down to help. In the ensuing fight, I got hit by the edge of a spell. I didn’t think it had done anything, not then. I was more upset that the group I’d been helping ran off without thanking me once the fight was over. At least this man had the decency to look back at me before he disappeared.

Since then, though, I’ve had a name stuck in my head, a name I’ve never heard before. At first I just thought it now and then. Within a few days, it was slipping into my mind every time I relaxed. Now it’s constant: the same name over and over again like the beat of my heart. I think I’ve been cursed. It’s slowly driving me mad. The only way to break this curse is to find the man whose name it is. Is it him? How am I supposed to find him? Help!



Tags: other world, magic users, apothecary, slave, prison/captivity, past abuse, first time, hurt/comfort
Content Warnings: dubious consent, attempted rape
Word Count: 50,794

To Amy Rae Durreson, for giving me such a lovely prompt to work with.

Thanks to Arielle Pierce for beta reading and Jill McCarl for copyediting and proofreading. Thanks also to all the Love’s Landscapes volunteers for all their hard work!

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