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Human photos consisted of three males, two— who each have short hair and some beard scruff— in a loving embrace on their bed, and the last one who is thinner and smaller boned, pale skin with longish black hair in a thin T-shirt and low-slung off-white pants. Cat photos consisted of two long-haired Maine Coon cats with tortoise-shell coloring, and a tan and black colored smaller cat with very short hair.

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Dear Author,

It came as no surprise to anyone when we declared our intention to live together, we’d been closer than litter mates growing up and neither of us had ever looked twice at any of the females. It makes things easier all round, gay Felis are more than welcome in the Clowder as they pose no threat to the Toms. We help out with schooling and looking after the kits, do odd jobs for everyone and look out for the safety and security of the whole clan.

About a week ago, the ruling Queen gave us a new job. To look after this young man, barely out of kitten-hood, and keep him safe. He’s not from round here, which is obvious if you look. We run to heavy bone, muscle and long fur all of which is useful in the cold and rugged landscape we live in. He’s different, lithe, extremely agile and totally naked! Well, when in cat form anyway. The only difference when he’s human is that he sometimes wears clothes. He’s opinionated, bolshy and likes the sound of his own voice – in both forms.

We aren’t sure what we are keeping him safe from, but the threat is obviously very real – he’s woken us with night terrors, but won’t talk about them. Trouble is, whilst we keep him safe – there is no one keeping us safe from him. For years it’s been just the two of us, but both of us feel more than a passing attraction for our charge. How do we deal with this difficult situation to make things right for all of us?

Thank you.



Tags: acceptance, cat-shifters, civil war, hurt/comfort, loss, m/m/m
Word Count: 20,416

A huge thank you to the Goodreads M/M Romance Group for hosting the Don’t Read in the Closet event— I had a blast doing this! Also a tremendous amount of gratitude goes to Jaymi for her help with editing and Helena for giving me one more set of eyes on this work. Lastly, I want to thank Nik, my sometimes co-writer and full-time best friend. She never fails to support me in any endeavor I undertake and routinely talks me down off the ledge when I need it. I’d be lost without her.

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