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In The Right Light - Gordon

Two young men in gym shorts, one slightly younger than the other, cuddling on a bed with two small dogs. Smiling and happy.

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Dear Author,

These two have struggled so hard to get to where they are in this place and time. Their differences were always a focus to those that wanted them apart. Family for one, Friends the other. But little do they know those vast differences are what make them perfect for each other. Complete. They are sure to lose one or the other along the way but they’ll always have what is most important of all, each other. Please tell me the story of this handsome calm man (white shorts) and this exuberant, blithe artist (grey shorts).

Please be a Happy Ending. 😉 Some good smexing and everything else, drama or supernatural/shifter can be up to you! Also, what type of artist Grey Shorts is, painter or sculptor or glass blower is all up to you too.~ Have fun! 🙂



PS. Those puppies are little orphans Grey Shorts found one day on his way to his apartment. They were so cute, and it was raining; he couldn’t just leave them there. And in any case… who still leaves two puppies on the street?! He took it as a sign that these two were meant to be his.

PPS. Some wall and or desk smexing is always welcome. >:3

Thank You so much!

Tags: hot and sexy, instant chemistry, fluffy, visual arts, landscaping, blue collar, men with pets, family drama, HFN
Word count: 15,670

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