It’s You, Then Breathing by Vicktor Alexander ♥

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It's You, Then Breathing-Alexander - Jutoh

Two men are pressed together in a corner, both are wearing white t-shirts that are wet and white briefs, but no pants. One is blond and the other has black hair. They appear to be either outside or in an outdoor shower, but they are wet and are close together, the blond is touching the shorter black-haired one’s stomach intimately.

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Dear Author,

I don’t know what to do. How to feel. We just won the World Series. The whole locker room is going crazy, champagne is spraying everywhere. And here I am, in the corner. I’m watching him. The smile on his face, his wet hair plastered all over his face, the muscles in his arms flexing as he soaks our rookie centerfielder. I should be happy. But, I’m not. Not really. I love him. And now the season is over, and everyone will go their separate ways. I love him. And I can’t tell him… Can I?



Tags: sports, friends to lovers, baseball, teammates, closeted, violence, Spanish, exhibitionism, family, gay bashing, athletes, interracial, HFN
Word Count: 17,967

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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