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JADEN'S HONOR - Lane - P3 - Jutoh

A pregnant male falls to the floor in pain. He is completely covered in fine clothing with only his face and fingertips visible. He is clutching a heavy curtain for support, and there is no one around to help him.

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Dear Author,

“He’s coming!” I fall to floor as ripping pain seized me. “Oh, Jade… If only you could be here… I’m so sorry…”

I’m fairly open to whatever the author wishes. I see this as a royal birth, potentially on a far-away planet where there is some kind of conflict among houses/planets/enemies; and “Jade” (you can change the name if they speak to you) is out fighting. He could be on the opposite side if that suits you. Maybe they had a fight that morning? Maybe it was a sudden war with neighbors? Maybe it’s twins? Bonus points if you can work the quote in and/or expand upon it. Angst is fine too.

Science fiction and/or fantasy please. Prefer HEA or HFN, but not BDSM or too kinky. Well, it can have some kinky but not too much. 🙂



Genre: fantasy
Tags: m-preg, soulmates/bonded, gods, magic, mild violence, non-explicit, age gap, royalty, warrior, men with pets
Word Count: 26,586

Author’s Note
No story happens in isolation. Thank you to the ladies from my Amazon readers’ group. They beta’d the story and helped to make it reader friendly. A big Thank You! to my patient editor, who put up with my total inability to understand Google Docs and found a way to make it work.

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