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KISS OF TRUTH - Jay - Jutoh (P3)

A clean-shaven young man, not too alert since last night’s fun went on until dawn. Not much of a fan of having his picture taken, and even less so when it’s done before noon. However, he is awake enough to have applied his black eyeliner perfectly and styled his dark, sexy bangs so they sit just right on his forehead. Having a slight hangover is never an excuse not to look your best.

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Dear Author,

The picture I have chosen represents a music singer who is struggling to find himself in a fast-paced society. He is secretly in love with a fellow band member, but hides it oh so well. When his band member is kidnapped, he begins to realize his feelings and does everything he can to find the band member. The band member he loves, also loves him but has witnessed too many failed couples and can be afraid to commit. The original band member can suffer from depression. I would like kink to be included, just don’t overdo the d & s. I’d prefer no shifters and I hope your imagination runs wild. Enjoy.

P.S. It has to have a HEA



Tags: kidnapping, musicians/rock stars, nightclub, kink, bondage, friends to lovers, secret love
Word Count: 9,202

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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