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Love On a Wing and a Prayer - Webb

Photo 1: In the foreground, a man in a desert-tan digital camo fatigue blouse and a flight deck helmet stands with his back to the camera. He is in sharp focus, while the fighter jet and the man climbing out of it is blurry and soft.

Photo 2: Silhouetted against a deep turquoise sky with sunset-pink clouds, two men stand on an F-18 Hornet, framed by its dual tail section.

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Dear Author,

Even with the repeal of DADT, it is not commonly known that I am gay. Living on an aircraft carrier, surrounded by so many men in such close quarters, I worry that if my sexuality is known, most of them will subscribe to the narrow thinking that I am attracted to all of them. But there is one who has caught my eye and driven my senses into overload. The problem is that he is a fellow pilot. I don’t want to cause any issues in our working environment, and I don’t even know if he is gay, but I am drawn to him and cannot stop thinking about him. What I wouldn’t give for a stolen night together, but I long for even more than that because I am attracted to his personality, sense of humor, and strength of character as much as I am attracted to his physicality.

And then one day, his co-pilot gets sick, and I am told to fly with him. Will this time together possibly lead to something? I can’t help but hope that it does. 

Dear author, I would love to read a story about these military pilots, and I would love to see the twilight pic in the story – maybe a rendezvous on a jet that leads to an incredibly sexy night. No BDSM please; angst and explicit sexy time encouraged; HFN or HEA please. 🙂



Tags: military, coming out, friends to lovers, HEA, pilots
Word count: 9,928

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