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A color sketch of two young men passionately embracing and kissing in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in a modern office building. The taller man with unruly black hair has the button of his pants undone and is shirtless, exposing dark, scarred skin. The shorter man has bleach-blond, immaculately styled hair, pale skin, and is fully dressed in trousers, button down shirt and tie. Both men’s eyes are closed as they are lost in the moment.

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Dear Author,

I’m the son of a corporate tycoon who wants me to take her place one day. I just want to finish college and strike out on my own, but mom won’t hear it, so I’m doomed to spend my entire summer behind a computer screen.

Anyway, here I was late last night after a long day of crunching numbers when my mom’s receptionist― a short blonde guy who can’t be much older than me― walks in and asks if I want anything to eat. I swear that guy’s got a fifteen inch stick up his ass, always about the business, always proper and neat. He never shows any emotion. Never even smiles.

Out of pure nastiness, I send him out on a food chase. After he’s been gone for about forty minutes I’m getting kind of hungry, so I step outside to check if he’s back. He’s not, but something on his desk catches my eye. A cute little drawing of a bunny. I shift the papers aside to get a better look and that’s when I see it: a drawn picture of him and me kissing. He’s got me down in detail, including all the ugly scars on my body. It’s signed with his name, so he must have drawn it.

I didn’t know what to do, so I snatched the drawing in panic when I heard the elevator ding. I don’t know why I took it― I don’t even know if I’m into guys― but I’ve been staring at it whenever I have a spare moment.

Dear author, can you help me? What do I do?

(Both these guys have a past. I figure they’ve had enough of hardship. Please give them a HEA or a HFN― no BDSM between them, no paranormal, please ^.^).



Tags: businessmen/lawyers, sweet no sex, abduction/kidnapping, hurt/comfort, coming out
Content warnings: off-page deaths of background characters, off-page child abduction, discussion of past child abuse; discussion of past sexual abuse
Word count: 23,435

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