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Metronomy-Fleet - Jutoh (P3)

A man in simple leather coat stands in what could be a crowded arena, a noose is around his neck as if he is about to be hung. His expression is defiant as he looks off to the side― he will not be beaten by this― but he also looks a little resigned, as if he knows this is it for him. There is a blood stain on his tunic, near his shoulder.

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Dear Author,

I’m not quite sure how I got myself into this bit of mess. But, what I am sure of is that I’m going to need some help getting out of it.

There’s only one man that can come to rescue me from this trouble. Problem is, should he save the day, I might find myself in an even more precarious situation. I can’t seem to keep my hands off him… and in this day and age? That should spell nothing but danger and disaster…



 historical, paranormal
Tags: friends to lovers, action/adventure, sorcerer, mild peril, domination, rescued from death
Word Count: 10,468

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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