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Dear Author,

One day I was holding him close, kissing him and loving him; that’s before they came and took him away.

And I’ve never seen him since then. My dad is an important, dangerous man and I have to marry the girl he chose for me and be a straight man to the last day in my life or he’ll kill every man I fall in love with.

And again after years, he comes to me. He is changed, his hair is blond and his nose is different, but it is him. He tells me I’ve to make things right, I have to fix the things my father ruined; he tells me I had betrayed him and stopped looking for him. He shouts at me and cries, “Fix my life. You owe me that much,” saying it was my father who told his dad that men will enjoy him and he ended up being a whore and now he is forced to marry a man he doesn’t want, because that man had bought him.

I have no idea what to do. I’ve got to protect him but I am afraid of my father and what he could do to me and to him.

And then I am in bed with him, kissing him and touching him AND loving every second of it with him. Everything is perfect. Yet they come, taking his naked body from between my arms. I feel the touch of his fingers on my fingertips and suddenly the sweet sensation is gone.

I would love the lover to have tattoos and piercings. I love light BDSM, hurt/comfort.

Please author, help him find his lover and save him from his father. Let them find peace and live happily ever after.

It is my first post. I hope I did well…


Lolita H 🙂

Tags: light BDSM, coming of age, friends to lovers, hurt/comfort
Content warnings: violence, dark
Word count: 2,367

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