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Sign of Spring Lowell

Two dark-haired young men lying in a poppy field. The longer haired one looks pensively into the camera. The other, his head pillowed on his lover’s shoulder, looks at his lover. Red flower tattoos can be seen on the bicep of the second man, where his arm curls around the head of the man looking at the camera.

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Dear Author,

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m in love. No, not schmoopy “love at first sight love”, but real, honest to god, “you’re my missing puzzle piece” love. Who would’ve thought I’d find it on my road trip across the States? I mean, he’s not even really my type. I don’t usually go for the tattooed, carefree, “go wherever the wind takes me” type, but he sure charmed the hell out of me in the diner where we first met. He kind of has that way with people. Hell, next thing I knew he was in my car and we were on our way.

We became fast friends, had a lot in common, and the UST between us was palpable

And the sex? Smoking hot. Especially the makeup sex when we’ve pissed each other off after being confined to a car for hours on end. There was that one time in the poppy field…



Tags: road trip, PTSD, outdoor sex, car sex, male nurse, breath play
Word count: 14,466

To Brittany, who posted such a lovely picture I couldn’t resist. To the ladies and gents of my critique group, The House of Manlove— dudes, you rock! And to everyone who loves to see men in love— nice to know I’m in such good company.

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