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Stranded By Lies-Marlowe - Jutoh

A young man lies on the floor, his only clothing a shirt, unbuttoned to reveal his lean frame. His dark hair lays in wisps upon his shoulders. His wrists are loosely bound by a silken red ribbon, but he’s peaceful, his pose suggesting he has bound himself. Perhaps he has offered his submission to the man towering above him, straddling his waist? The scene is set for a dark seduction, but who is seducing whom?

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Dear Author,

I’d been running from him for so many months, it had begun to feel like a reflex, no different than the instinct to fight for breath when you’re underwater or rip back your hand from a red-hot forge. By the time I got to the market town, I could feel my time running out. I don’t know why― an instinct maybe? Or maybe I was just so tired of running. I thought I could outlast him, I thought he would give up. I’d not counted on how much the predator in him would love the chase. There were times, while I huddled in my nightly hiding place, when I could almost feel his glee at the challenge, his satisfaction as he went about closing off every avenue of escape― seducing my family to his side, convincing my friends that I was mad, that he just wanted to protect me. There were times, usually on the coldest nights, when I wondered if he’s right― maybe I am mad. Maybe I do belong to him. Maybe I should surrender. Maybe I should stop running. At least then I could just rest.

Please some sort of fantasy or paranormal setting.

Good luck. 


Lilia Ford

 contemporary, alternate universe
Tags: fetish/toys, light BDSM, D/s relationship, friends to lovers, aliens, soulmates/bonded, HFN
Word Count: 45,487

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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