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The Heartbeat Under a White Coat-Guilliano Jutoh

Jordan is lonely and in the closet thanks to a painful past and prior abusive relationships. Here you see him thinking, wishing he had someone to love in his life. Despite the chance to meet someone, he is scared. Afraid that no one will want him after all that he has suffered.

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Dear Author,

This is Jordan. He is a Physician’s Assistant (PA) working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Children’s Hospital. Jordan is a sweet and caring man. Given that he works in the NICU, he is surrounded by women. They are his best friends and they are always trying to set him up on dates. Unfortunately, those dates are with women. You see Jordan is not out. He has been hurt in his life. Friends have betrayed him. He has been in abusive relationships. Yet he longs to have someone special to call his own. One co-worker of Jordan’s is Susan. Susan is a lesbian and her gaydar goes off whenever she and Jordan work together. Susan and her wife Michele have a friend that just might fill the lonely place in Jordan’s life. Susan decides to ask Jordan if he is open to a date with a man, and he finally feels relieved to come out to someone at work.

Martin is truly a good guy. He is an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner (APRN) working as a counselor to physically and emotionally abused children at a free clinic. Martin has been divorced from his wife for two years. He has done the bar scene and is over it. He is tired of being alone and just wants to find someone special to share his life.

Susan and Michele are close friends with Eva and Jake. Jake and Martin are BFF’s and work together at the free clinic. The women devise a plan to invite both men to a dinner party. But when Susan approaches Jordan with the plans, he is nervous and intimidated to meet Martin surrounded by Martin’s friends. This causes Jake to explode and say that Jordan can’t be good enough for Martin.

How can we get these two nice guys together? Cause when they meet the sparks will fly…



Genre: contemporary
Tags: deep feelings, grief, hurt/comfort, in the closet, instant attraction, medical personnel, prior abuse, switch
Word Count: 13,728

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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