Waiting, Hoping, Wishing by Nic Starr ♥

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Waiting Hoping Wishing-Starr - Jutoh

A gorgeous young man is lying on a bed in nothing but his grey boxer briefs. He is clean-cut with a tanned, smooth and beautifully defined body. He should be enjoying the luxurious bed with its crisp, white linens as he relaxes in the hotel room, but his look is pensive. In the first photo, he is clearly worried and slightly sad. In the second photo, he is focused on his phone, as if it can provide the answers he is looking for.

See the photo here

Dear Author,

He’s been waiting for that text for more than a week. Please tell us either what happens next or what happened to get him here and whether he frowns or smiles next.

Thank you so much,



P.S. Prompter requests:
* HEA. (The picture scene can be the beginning or the end of the story.)
* No BDSM, dub-con, or non-con, please.
* At least some smexin’, please. (I love frottage, but most of the standard sexiness is good, too.)
* Humor or sweetness is a plus, but total fluff isn’t required.

Tags: friends to lovers, homophobia, new adult, blue collar, slow burn/UST, (partially) in the closet, coming (the rest of the way) out
Word Count: 21,142

For Melanie, whose choice of photo and letter prompted this story― I loved writing the story and I hope it meets your expectations. To Robyn, in appreciation of all your suggestions, support and encouragement― it’s been a ton of fun. To Nicole, for your fabulous feedback and to Beany, for your wonderful editing. To Meredith Russell, thank you for the gorgeous cover. Finally, thank you to the Love’s Landscapes organisers and volunteers who make this event possible.

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