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Meant to Be-Rawiya - Jutoh

A black man hugging a white man from behind, both are shirtless. White male has a tattoo on chest.

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Dear Author,

I’m a thirty-something successful African-American male and I’m gay. I don’t fit the stereo-type for gay men in my neighborhood, flaming, sissified, acting like queens/women. I’m what my mother and most African-American females refer to a catch. I appreciate the female form but it doesn’t do it for me, I love men! My mother always told me growing up “don’t bring no white girl up in my house”. Not a problem Mom, no women in my future… so how do I tell her I’m gay and the man I love is white. He completes me… he laughs at my jokes, holds me when I’m feeling insecure, and he doesn’t judge me. So how do I tell my mother and the rest of my family that I’m gay and in love with a white man who is my everything?

Thank you,


Tags: interracial, librarian, homophobia, racism, tattoo, coming out
Word count: 10,111

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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