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Without a View - Jutoh

The photo is of a dark room, with just enough light to see a naked man lying on his stomach in a pile of straw. He’s looking around him, and appears confused.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

The first thing he noticed as he slowly came awake was the tickle at his nose. The second was the noise… or rather the lack thereof. The ubiquitous drone of big city life (that was always there but usually went unnoticed) was just… gone.

Raising his head he slowly cracked an eye open. The light was dim but still allowed him to see― what? Straw? Where the f*ck was he? And buck-ass-naked too!

He shut his eyes quickly, took a deep, calming breath and opened his eyes once again…

Dear Author, how did he get here? He was out with his co-workers last night. A quick get-acquainted drink at the neighbourhood pub to celebrate his new job, in a new city, before heading home.

Maybe he shouldn’t have taken that shortcut through the park after all…



Tags: law enforcement, abduction, voyeurism, captivity, suspense
Content Warnings: necessitated consent, no HFN/HEA (to be continued)
Word Count: 7,525

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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