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A Single Step - Jutoh (P4)

A cheeky young lad, reminiscent of Just William, sits on Santa’s knee, clutching a long list and apparently in midrecital. The caption reads: “Dear Santa: This year I want your list of bad boys and their phone numbers. Thank you.”

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Dear Author,

I was looking for something and came across this tumblr. I laughed so hard and spent the rest of the night looking at the whole blog. It was full of this goodness that I had to get to know who ran this blog! We started getting to know each other…

Dearest Author, this is super open. All I request is a definite HEA, humor, and EPISTOLARY. I know. Sorry, I just really want that. There aren’t enough of these in the world! 😉 So, go nuts!



Tags: epistolary, friends to lovers, Internet relationship, long distance, emoticon abuse, sweet/no sex, illness/hurt/comfort
Word Count: 8,847

For Cari, whom I never would have met if I hadn’t found her blog first; and for Kris, who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Author’s Note
I’ve taken one large liberty with this story― a B2 tourist visa only allows you stay up to six months in the US, not Millar’s hassle-free twelve. As for Jake, the technical details should be correct, thanks to my brother-in-law’s generous input― any errors are thanks to me.

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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