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Bonded-York - Jutoh

A naked man tightly holds a chain wrapped around the necks of two guys on their knees in front of him.

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Dear Author,

My soul ached for command and love, and I was lost. Until I met them. We’d seen each other at different times but it wasn’t until the night I almost killed myself trying to lift more weight than I should that our worlds finally collided. What started out as lifting partners and movie marathons turned into weekend jaunts across the city and every free moment spent together, a tension building up between us that left me holding my breathe. I’ll never forget the night He took control and shattered our worlds, morphing our growing friendship into something more. I used to tell myself I would walk this earth lost and broken forever, but I know now my soul was waiting for Sir and Pup to save me.



Tags: Dom/sub, light BDSM, ménage, hurt/comfort, open relationship, established couple, switch/versatile
Content Warnings: Description of past self-harm: cutting
Word Count: 16,168

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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