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Breathing Again - Jutoh

A handsome, athletic young man working out in a gymnasium, and supporting himself on a pair of hand rings. His right leg is missing from the knee down, replaced with a skeletal prosthesis. His expression is calm and thoughtful, as though he is completely focused on his workout. His chest is bare, and displays an array of colourful tattoos.

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Dear Author,

I have been down in the dumps lately. I was injured in my last deployment to Afghanistan and lost my leg. My partner of ten years left when I needed him the most, and he took my beloved dog along with him. After months of depression, denial, and a stint in the hospital because of alcohol poisoning, my brother finally insisted I see a therapist to get the help I needed. Little did I know that my luck was about to change the moment I stepped into that office.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: veteran, disability, psychological, no sex, dog lover, established couple, hurt/comfort, PTSD, reunited, tearjerker
Content Warnings: mentions of domestic abuse, violence, suicidal thoughts, alcohol addiction
Word Count: 16,686

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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