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Cataclysmic Evolution-Nordwell - Jutoh

A teenager with curly hair spilling over his shoulders stands against a chain-link fence, holding on with both hands above his head. His waist-length black jacket gapes open, while jeans and black t-shirt hug his body close. His wrist is adorned with a ton of bracelets. He stares forward, one leg bent up against the fence. His whole look screams emo, but there’s an intensity on his face that can’t be denied. Who’d want to?

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Dear Author,

There he is again. What is his problem? Whenever our paths cross he has that same mix of wariness and anger on his face. I’m not searching him out… I don’t even think I know him, do I?… and yet it seems that every time I turn around he’s there, watching.

Dear Author, please help me. Do I know him? Have I wronged him? Why can’t I remember? And how can I get him to look at me with a different, more positive expression?

Thank you most sincerely!


Genre: science fiction
Tags: teens, bullying, post-apocalyptic/ELE, disability, hurt/comfort, space travel, mutation, first love
Word Count: 40,424

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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