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Two men, one young, the other older, are standing in a drawing room wearing period dress (18th century most likely). The older is handsome, while the younger appears to be contemplating something. Behind them, a painting on the wall is out of focus; suggestive of a person in bed, whether healthy or ill is a matter of interpretation.

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Dear Author,

My name is Frederick, this picture isn’t of me or someone I know, but this made me think. What if this would be what Hans and I would look like if we managed to escape together, or at least, managed to be together even with my hateful father breathing down on our necks? Would we have loved each other until the end of our lives? Would our bond be as strong that not even marriage to others would keep as apart? I do hope, dear author, that you would show me an alternate reality where we would have been happy, loving and as one.

(I was writing this thinking of Frederick the Great of Prussia and Hans Hermann von Katte. I am not sure if this request is allowed or not, but I would really love to see their happy ending, when they were separated by death, I felt it deep in my heart, so yes, I do hope for an alternate universe where they managed to be together. But please, no alternate universe where homosexuality can be expressed freely, since I want this universe to be as close as it is to ours. If this request is too much for you— being based on two real people, and one a king nonetheless— a story set in their time with a man named Frederick and Hans, but please, let Fritz be strawberry blond and Hans blond, that’s their hair colour, with Fritz’s eyes silverish-blue, for me. Sorry for that, I really just want an accurate one, if you may call them that.)


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 historical, fantasy
Tags: royalty, sweet/no sex, homophobia, second chances, magic
Word Count: 4,146

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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