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Displaced-Grey - Jutoh

A young man, naked from the waist up, lies on his side in water, face half-hidden. The colour of his eyes is mirrored in the indigo blue of the water and the sky. He has a watchful expression, as though he waits for something… or someone.

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Dear Author,

This is my life… by day I walk on land and I am as human as the man standing next to me… but by night… the water calls to me and I must return to it… all I have ever wanted is a man who would love me for who I am… both day and night…

I would only ask for a story… as beautiful as this photo



Genre: paranormal
Tags: exile, family issues, guardian, homophobia, immortal, loneliness, tattoos, tour guide
Word Count: 14,605

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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