Fleece, Fleas, and Flirtation by Ava Penn ♥

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A dark-blond, nude man, visible only from his belly-button upward, lays on a sheet-draped couch with his right arm bent to rest his hand on the arm of the couch. His green eyes catch some of the light streaming in through the window behind him, and his plump lips are parted slightly. He has a close-trimmed beard and lightly haired chest and abdomen. He isn’t extremely muscular, but his arms and core muscles are well-toned.

See the photos here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

Did you know that satyrs and other ancient creatures exist? I didn’t know, of course I didn’t know because they’re disguised as humans. Now I do and I don’t know if that’s a good thing. So I saved that satyr from suicide, so he’s kinda cute, so what! Didn’t know it at that time with a lot of his body already under water but now I know― like I know now that my boss at the garage is a minotaur and he better know nothing about my connection to the satyr. Got the impression that this brute is the reason for the suicide attempt. Satyr’s afraid of him.

What do I do now and how come that I find this goat guy cute and even more sexy than his female roommate?

Of course a HEA would be fine anything else is up to you.



 fantasy, Greek mythology
Tags: blue collar/mechanic, masturbation, switch/versatile, mythical creatures, humorous, contracts/debts (strict, binding), gay for you, tail fetish
Content Warnings: sexual interactions between a Satyr and a human
Word Count: 19,937

I was remiss in my first Love’s Landscapes story to have not made acknowledgements and given thanks where appropriate.

Thank you, first and foremost, to the M/M Romance group for this opportunity. Thank you to Achim for such an inspiring prompt.

Thank you to my darling Jason Duanne, for beta reading for me. Thanks also to Alicia and Tracy from the group for your assistance as (unbiased) beta’s! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to my loving and understanding girlfriend for listening to me go on for hours at a time about the story and where I was stuck or something didn’t seem right.

Thank you event mods and volunteers for all the hard work you put into the event as a whole and into each and every manuscript.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Alishea, my event editor, for being so wonderful at what you do!

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