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Hellion  - Jutoh (P4)

A stable. Two men in— but mostly out of— Regency-period clothing are grappling on the straw-covered floor, kissing. The younger man, one leg hooked around the older man, is naked except for his shirt. The older man is mostly clothed, although his breeches are pushed down around his thighs. The older man is on top, and he is definitely in charge of the situation.

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Dear Author,

I somehow inherited the care of a brat who either wants me or hates me— it’s hard to tell which. The first is unacceptable, and inappropriate, given our age difference and my status as his guardian (and maybe our genders, depending whether Author chooses “real” historical or an AU in which same sex relationships are accepted); the second I’d gladly deal with until he comes of age and we’re both free. Sending him away to school helped, except for holidays, which he’d come home for, whether I sent for him or not. He’s done with school now, though, and making life difficult for everyone. He’s becoming a hellion. I need to figure out what’s causing him to act out and rein him in, but I’m not sure I can without making things worse. He has me so in knots I don’t know if I want to kiss him, spank him, kiss him and spank him, or send him as far away as possible to save us both. Can you settle things out before we destroy each other?

In other words, this should be an old-school, bodice ripper, guardian-ward romance (except MM of course) with an age difference of 15-20 years (so 18-20 and 33-39 would be perfect). It can be “real” historical or AU (in terms of society, not setting— earth only please), preferably set roughly in the Georgian or Regency era. No paranormal, and I’d prefer it if the characters didn’t marry women or cheat once together.



Tags: Regency Period-1800s England, first time, spanking, frottage, age gap, enemies to lovers
Word Count: 13,725

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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