Loving Rush by Sofia Grey ♥

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Loving Rush - Jutoh

Two handsome young men, both naked from the waist up, are kissing passionately against a wooden fence. They both wear jeans and are visibly aroused. The man on the right is driving the kiss, and he holds the other man’s neck with a tender hand. They are lost in their own world.

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Dear Author,

We have always been close, never quite what you see here. He is my best friend and I love him desperately. I find myself watching him work and I can never decide which I want more… Him to throw me down and ravish me or to do the same to him. I have been with my fair share of men and so has he, but we’ve never crossed that line. The problem may be that both of us are too hard headed to realize what has always been right in front of us. A passing touch or a lingering glance leaves me breathless. He makes me want forever, not just one night, I know he is meant to be mine for I have always been his.


Wendy ~M/M Junkie~

Genre: contemporary
Tags: gay for you, movie star, friends to lovers, IT, frottage, men with pets, sexual tension, reunited, in the closet, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 18,933

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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