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Nor Sub Nor Dom Jutoh

Black and white picture of two handsome men in their thirties sharing an intimate moment. Both wear leather pants, their T-shirts hanging from their belts. The one comforting has aviator glasses over his head, hands protectively touch his lover’s waist and a smirk as if telling a jock to alleviate the tension. The other has a leather harness and the expression of someone who has just discovered a truth that would change his life forever.

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Dear Author,

What’s happening with this tough, but oh so tender, couple? The guy on the left seems upset, maybe embarrassed, but the guy on the right seems almost amused as he gives comfort/encouragement. I’ve been drawn to this picture since I saw it last summer and would love to know more.



Tags: unconventional leather daddies, unusual boy toy, versatile sex, M/M transforming into M/M/M, encouraging spanking
Word count: 24,763

Author’s Note
The expression “Nor Sub Nor Dom” comes from the title of the English translation of an ancient Persian Poem by Redden Mard, who was the stylistic love child of Whitman and Wilde. We cannot reproduce the poem here because it will not be in the public domain until the year 2099.

Nevertheless, the poem exalts the beauty of the power exchange, and how (even while being dominated) the act of submission is one of control, because one yields willingly, becoming thus, both Master and Slave or none at all.

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