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Two men in a pool, in an eyes closed blissful embrace. A man has his arms wrapped around the other from behind, pulling his back to his chest. His large hand gently tips the other man’s head to the side and he licks the shell of his ear. The man in front is slack jawed in ecstasy.

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Dear Author,

These two have been playing together for years (you choose the type of music & whether it’s a hobby or profession), and finally the UST became unbearable and something had to give. Luckily for both, it was their resistance. I’d love to watch a bunch of that UST, and the moment when it all falls away.

Time/place/heat level is yours to decide just please no BDSM, GFY (bisexuality is cool though!), or shifters.




Tags: musicians/rock stars, slow burn/ust, sweet/no sex, sexual tension, homophobia, deception
Word Count: 39,129

To Charley – thank you for providing the prompt that allowed me to bring these boys to the page.

To the M/M Romance Group – I cannot express enough thanks for hosting an event that allows someone like me, a simple girl who loves to write… a chance to do so. This event pushed me to do what I have dreamed of doing for many years. Thank you.

To the UM – you not only cheered me on to claim the prompt, you held me up when I needed it. Special thanks to N, Lx, JL and S… your honesty with my boys made me and them better every time I read your comments.

To my sister, S – you kept the words our late father used to tell me about writing alive. Your thoughts, input and enthusiasm cannot be measured on a scale of thanks.

To my real life Lisa – only you could have been there for the boys in the story the way you are in your real and everyday life. Thanks for letting me vent throughout this process.

To my name doppelganger Elizabeth – though we don’t read the same anymore you never once let that alter your encouragement with my writing. The simple statements you made were not so simple when they hit me in the heart and gave me strength to continue writing.

To Susan; who cheered me on and reminded me that no matter what, I have taste.

To my three sons – thank you for dealing with me as I got lost in my own world. I am sorry you had to ask me more than five times to get my answer. Yes, we will walk the three dogs in the evenings again like we used to.

To my husband – thank you for trying to understand what you don’t but being there for me regardless. Your love for me creates the love I give to my characters. I don’t want you to be like the boys in my books, I want the boys in my books to be like you.

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