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HIS NO MATTER WHAT - Lenox (P1) - Jutoh

The young man, his defined chest bared and jeans hanging loosely around his hips, stares out from the picture. From beneath the shadow of his sweater’s hood his eyes glitter, dark and enticing but troubled. His hands are clasped behind his back, as though he’s trying to stop himself from reaching out to grab something or someone.

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Dear Author,

I’m both nervous and excited about my big brother attending my college graduation.

I’ve always looked up to him, but something changed when I was about thirteen. He’d gone away to college and came home for Thanksgiving. Any lingering doubts about my sexuality vanished. It had just been a few months, but somehow he looked very different: older, hotter, more sophisticated.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way about my brother, and I swear I’ve tried to stop thinking of him in that way. But no guy I’ve been with has measured up to him. I haven’t seen him since before I started college, but I’ll never forget the way he looked at me that last time. It gave me hope that he might feel the same for me.

This weekend, I’m going to find out.

{Please no BSDM, violence, or abuse. Prefer contemporary or urban fantasy, but please no shifters or vampires. Angst is always welcome, and please feel free to crank up the heat as high as you dare. While the boys should hook up (at least) once, whether they decide to pursue any kind of sexual or romantic relationship in the end is up to you. Thank you!}



Tags: incest, reunited, long time coming, homophobia, college, businessman, family drama, angst
Word Count: 20,718

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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