Repair My Heart by Zeoanne ♥

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Repair My Heart - Zeoanne

A very handsome, sweaty and shirtless mechanic. The hood is open and he’s leaning against the bumper of a car, both hands on the engine. His face and arm are smudged with grease and he’s looking at you.

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Dear Author,

I’ve been alone for so long now, not able to trust easily. I live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone’s business, so I remain quiet about my sexuality. I’ve had romantic relations in the past but they have all failed. Now, I want someone who will think of me, someone who thinks honesty and sincerity is at the top of their list. I want to find my happily ever after. I’m due some happiness.



Tags: mechanic, satellite repairman, Native American, interracial, homophobia, bullying references
Word count: 6,972

Many thanks to Rhys, Kimber and Marieke who helped me with this story when I almost gave up on it and to the wonderful editors at Goodreads. This show wouldn’t be possible without you!

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