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Sado - Jutoh

A dark-haired man in an intricate karada of jute rope lies spreadeagled on a low table, wrists and ankles tied to chairs positioned at his head and feet. He is naked and a Japanese tea tray, with the accoutrements for sadō, covers his lower chest and abdomen. His head is unsupported and his genitals are exposed to view.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I’m looking for a story from the sub’s POV… focusing on the senses, especially how the rope feels against his skin. Also how being tied up makes him feel… helpless, but safe. He trusts his Dom, and feels pleasure in pleasing him. Another person is watching, but the possessive Dom won’t let anyone else touch his boy. Instead, he carries on a long conversation with the other person, all while casually touching the sub, with minimal verbal interaction with him. Impersonal touches, almost absentminded, although the Dom is actually very focused on his boy. Maybe a brush against his balls while ignoring his cock. Or some nonchalant fingering while he discusses other matters with his guests. All gentle, though. And once the guest is gone, I’d love a tender aftercare scene.

Feel free to write as contemporary, historical, fantasy… anything but science fiction please 🙂

Thank you!



Genre: contemporary
Tags: pansexual BDSM, kinbaku, bondage, sensation play, sounding, needleplay, CBT, disability, age gap, interracial, CEO, chauffeur, wager, blindness, tea ceremony, RACK, aftercare
Content Warnings: pain play, blood play, a touch of dub-con
Word Count: 5,327

Thank you, Sunny, for this lovely prompt! LSG, without your help as beta and editor and your crunchy chocolate I couldn’t have done it. Thank you also so much, M., the fantastic dom and kinbakushi who was willing to answer all my specialised questions regarding traditional rope art. And last but not least, as always, thank you, my girls, for patiently keeping me company while I was writing this, rather than walking you.

Author’s Note
The Japanese tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, is the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea. In Japanese, it is called chanoyu or sadō. Only tea masters of a sufficient rank may wear a jittoku, a jacket, over the kimono.

A kinbakushi or bakushi is a bondage rope master or master rigger, a dorei is his slave. Domo arigatomeans “thank you very much” and dozo means “here, please” or “here it is”. Konnichiwa means “good afternoon” and jomu-san is “Mr. Director” and a respectful address for a managing director of a Japanese company.

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