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Secondary Break - Jutoh (P5)

The photo shows a man lying on his stomach under a car, possibly a truck. We can only see him from his waist down, but he’s shirtless and he has dirty jeans and boots on. There’s a screwdriver on the ground next to him. The man is outside, in the background there are trees and the sun is shining.

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Dear Author,

I’m not from around here. Where I come from no one welcomes you to the neighborhood, no one knocks on your door and brings you cookies, no one fixes your truck out of the goodness of his heart, no one even looks you in the eye for fuck’s sake.

But I’ll admit, I like it here.

I like the fresh air and the quiet and I really like my neighbor― the one in the tight jeans with the great ass under my truck.

Sure, he’s too damned friendly, too damned helpful and too damned honest to be real.

But fuck it, I like him, actually… I more than like him and that’s the problem…

I’m hoping for two alpha males and a HEA, maybe a hint of the forbidden, but not too much angst and of course lots of sex!

Thanks a bunch



Tags: ex-cop, coaching, basketball, coming out, high school, small town, meddlesome family
Word Count: 12,659

Thank you, A.J., for a great prompt! I had fun writing the story of these guys and I hope you like it.

Big thanks to Cala Jane, my faithful beta reader, and to my LOR editing team, Julie and Averin— you made my story better and I learned new things while working with you.

And of course thanks to the LOR Mods for working so hard to organize this event!

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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