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SOARING PAST DEATH - Knight - Jutoh (P3)

Black and white pic of a slightly built young man with his head bowed, on one knee, arms wrapped around his other knee. He’s chained to the ceiling by a collar around his neck. In the foreground, there is the bottom half of a man facing him, holding a flogger.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

After years of doing this I never thought anything could surprise me, but I was wrong. Of all the trainees to be assigned, somehow Viper 44 was the last one I expected to see in the program.

Still so young, but then that’s what the mission requires. 

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I didn’t want to box the story in too much that the author is tied down so I left the letter somewhat open. What I’m hoping for is a sci-fi/dystopia genre story with political machinations and emotional layering of the protagonists— the mentor and trainee. The degree of BDSM and what preferences are open to interpretation though I expect at least moderate pain play. Viper 44’s mission is one many have failed before him; therefore is mentor’s job is to do it well so he succeeds. Failure only has one outcome.

Whether or not sex is in interwoven in the training or separate is entirely up to you. Maybe this is all just advance interrogation techniques survival or is he being trained for a role he’s to assume. Only limits I’m going to request: no scat or necrophilia. If used, I prefer torture that focuses on the mental repercussions more than the physical though I’m not particularly squeamish.

In the end, these characters have an existing relationship that gets dramatically altered at this moment in the picture.

BTW, the name Viper 44 is a placeholder and maybe used or discarded, author’s choice. 



 dystopian, science fiction
Tags: futuristic/post-apocalyptic, BDSM, military men, twink, spacemen/aliens, slave, reunion, age gap, dark
Content Warnings: torture, graphic violence
Word Count: 21,599

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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