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TORN - Angela Maye - (P3) - Jutoh copy

Two young men outside in a secluded location, both naked and totally lost in each other. One sitting and gazing up at his lover who bends down over him for a kiss, his hand lovingly trailing down his chest.

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Dear Author,

That long hot summer we had run away together as often as we dared to the hidden gorge lake. After a swim, we would wrap ourselves in each other’s arms, finally able to be with each other without the fear of discovery. Little did we know, that particular afternoon would be a last brief shining moment for us. As I bent down to kiss him, his tanned, lithe body so warm under my hand, we never knew that someone else had discovered our meeting place. Now we had to decide, lie about what we meant to each other and part ways forever or face down the coming storm together.

Thank you!

Sammy Goode

Tags: coming of age, friends to lovers, first time, coming out, homophobia, family issues
Word Count: 22,663

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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