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Wrong Direction - Jutoh

Two young men are engaged in a sweet and tender kiss. One is naked, the other wears only a towel. They seem to be in a bathroom, and are silhouetted by light from a window.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I had such a good feeling about this year. It’s my last; I’m on track to graduate near the top of my class, I’m working towards a degree in a field I love, and I even managed to score one of the coveted singles in the nicest upperclassmen dorm. There’s only one problem. Him. The guy whose single is attached to the other side of the connecting bathroom. The mess I could maybe ignore, it’s the singing I can’t take. Every night while he takes a bubble bath― yes, a bubble bath! It’s only a few weeks into the year and I don’t think I can take it anymore. Actually, I know I can’t. I’m gonna go over there and say something before I lose my mind!

So, how’d we get from there to the picture above? And what happens after that?

Make me laugh, everything else is up to you.



Tags: college, humorous, coming of age, sweet, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 23,383

For Dys, who introduced me to Alvaro and Daniel.

Hopefully, I will always need to thank Jenn Burke, my writing partner and general, all ’round best friend, for her input and advice on my solo projects. She understands my voice and isn’t afraid to point out where it falters. Thank you to Iuri Mitika for his invaluable help with some Brazilian words. My biggest thanks are for the people who make this event happen: the moderators of the M/M Romance group, and the volunteer editors and proofreaders. Without all their hard word, these stories wouldn’t exist.

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