What Is Love is an Open Road?

An extension of the Don’t Read in the Closet event from the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads.com – a collection of free M/M short stories, novellas and novels. These stories were written by authors/members of the GoodReads M/M Romance group, for the 2015 Love is an Open Road event. They are based on photographs and prompts provided by members of the same group.

For more free stories, see also the 2014 Love’s Landscapes event, which is a collection of 211 free M/M short stories, novellas and novels.

Love Has No Boundaries 2013 features 189 free stories.

Love is Always Write 2012 features 147 free stories.

Hot Summer Days 2011 features 112 free stories

Want to know more about this event? Read about it here: Love is an Open Road Introduction!

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