In Darkness Burning by Bailey Queen ♥

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Photo 1: A young man, with striking light eyes, is dressed in ceremonial garb. Is he a magic user? He has seen something terrible. There is a heaviness to his gaze.

Photo 2: A second picture below of a man without any armor or garb on shows someone crying. Tragedy. Loss. Despair. Wistfulness.

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Dear Author,

What is my story?

“You cry, not because you’re weak. It’s because you’ve been strong for too long.”


I love sci-fi fantasy; I only ask that you keep the quote. I don’t mind light BDSM, but please, no crossdressing.



Genre: fantasy
Tags: slow burn, friends to lovers, horror, mage/sorcery, knights, ranger, mystery, magic users, healer, mythical creatures
Content Warnings: graphic violence, battle scenes, torture, HFN
Word Count: 113,157

Thank you to my wonderful beta, Marie, for all of her help, guidance, and support. You were invaluable! Thanks a ton! Thank you also to my husband. Your support means the world to me, now and always.

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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